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National OES History

Documented Synopsis History of National Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star

Auxiliary of Free and Accepted Ancient York Rite Masons Prince Hall Origin,

National Compact, U. S. A. and Commonwealth of the Bahamas

On October 24, 1924, under the leadership of, Honorable S.S. Simmons 33°

On October 24, 1924, under the leadership of, Honorable S.S. Simmons 33°. National Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted York Rite Masons, Princes Hall Origin, National Compact, of these United State of North America granted a Warrant to the National Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star, of the United States and its Provinces, granted the O.E.S. the power and authority to organize grand and subordinate chapters within its jurisdictions. The warrant also granted the National Grand chapter the rights to confer degrees on its

members according to the ancient and honorable customs. The warrant authorized the national officers to install those being first duly chosen and elected or appointed, and to deliver to those chapters’ warrants, investing them with all the rights, knowledge, and power of their office. The National Grand Chapter became an auxiliary subsidiary of the National Grand Lodge of the Free & Accepted ancient York Rite Masons of the U.S.A. Currently the National OES Compact have twenty active states and one country.

The National Order of Eastern Star original Warrant issued in October 1924 was lost, a replacement was issued on February 14, 1958, by the Honorable Dr. Milford. S. Vaughn 33°. National Grand Master. Due to inadequate record keeping and improper archiving, this body does not have official documentation or records of the organization from the period 1924 until 1932.

The first written records reflect that in 1933, Sister Sarah Canty of Columbus, Ohio was elected to serve as National Grand worthy Matron. She served faithfully for twenty-four consecutive years. Sister Sarah Canty died while serving, Sister Etta Evans form Detroit, Michigan was elevated from the National Grand Associate Matron to National Grand Worthy Matron, she served for six years. In 1962, Sister Annie Lemon from Atlanta, Georgia was elected National Grand Worthy Matron, served for fifteen consecutive years. In 1978, Sister Lucille Duncan of Camden, New Jersey was elected National Grand Worthy Matron. She served for six years. In 1984, Sister Kathleen Franklin of Baltimore, Maryland was elected to serve as National Grand Worthy Matron for nine years. During her administration she

organized and instituted the National Grand Matron’ s Council.  The purpose of the council was to bring the Grand Matrons together to share ideas, discuss problems, give possible solutions and develop a closer relationship between the Grand Worthy Matron throughout the U.S.A. In 1933, Sister Florence Cox, of Greenville, South Carolina was elected National Grand Worthy Matron.  Sister Cox was the first NGWM, to be elected by the newly instituted six (6) year limit tenure in office instituted by the National Grand Lodge. Sis. Cox, during her administration, the Fannie W. Turner Scholarship Fund, Inc. was established. The Frannie W. Turner Scholarship Fund Incorporated is from the state of Delaware as a non-profit entity of the National Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star with a Board of Director to oversee the foundation.

In 1999, Sister Doris Tipton of Los Angeles, California was elected National Grand Worthy Matron. During her administration she broadened the concept of the National Task Force. Later changed the name to Seminar Workshop Weekender included elected officers, appointed officers as well as sisters and brothers who were interested in attending. The National Aidettes who served as hostesses during the OES meetings.

The first social media (website) was set up for the National Order of Easter Star, which enabled the NGWM to communicate via email.

In 2005 Sister Mattie Baker, Montgomery, Alabama was elected National Grand Worthy Matron. The Seminar Week-ender was changed to Leadership Seminar Retreat There was “Adopt a Book Project,” where all the states in the jurisdiction were encouraged to bring children books to donate to a local school. Under Sister Baker’s administration, she instituted the First National Life Member Program at the assessment $200 open to all members. The National Procedure Manual was established and introduced to the membership of the National Eastern Star under the leadership of Sister Mattie Baker. Sister Doris Tipton, PNGWM, served as the committee chair.

In 2011 Sister Myrtis B. Gantt was elected National Grand Worthy Matron, of Leesville, South Carolina. During her tenue she Commission the National Regional Coordinators and provided the first leadership training. During her administration revisions were made to the OES National Constitution and By-Laws and the National Procedure Manual, she wanted the two documents to support and complement each other. The revised document was presented at the 56th Triennial Session, held in Vally Forge, PA. for approval and received a majority vote.

In July 2017, Sister Evelyn Ross was elected National Worthy Matron, of Macon, Georgia. Sister Ross during her administration established, the Award Program to honor our members who had made a significant contribution to the Order as well as our members served in the Military, both activity duty and veterans. Also, the first virtual Old Time Prayer Meeting to remember the deceased sisters and those families and Chapters who experiences death of family members to the COVID – 19 Pandemic.

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas & Caribbeans was established July 21st, 2019. The Rosa of Sharon Grand Chapter OES Chapter is the newest of the Grand Chapter within the National Compact.

On March 9th, 2021, Sister Evelyn Colter-Sims of Hopkins, South Carolina was appointed National Grand Worthy Matron, to complete the term of Sister Evelyn Ross, by the Honorable Cedric J. Lewis, Sr. 33° National Grand Master of the Most Worshipful National Grand Lodge of F. & A.A.Y. M. Princes Hall Origin, National Compact, USA and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

In July 2021, Sister Evelyn Colter-Sims was elected as the National Grand Worthy Matron in Jacksonville, Florida. During Sister Colter-Sims’ first year in administration, the National Compact experienced a membership division that impacted several of the state jurisdictions. Georgia, Virginia, and Ohio were devastated from the loss of membership. The National Office also experienced the loss of many business files. Sister Colter-Sims, and the national office team

worked diligently on research and was able to provide the core information to have replaced and now retained on file.


The first National OES Forum Day, July 2021, was established at the 58th Triennial Session. An activity day for members, to exchange information, Mini Workshops OES Team building and Membership Drive.

The members of National Office, State Grand Worthy Matrons, and members of the OES, have adopted full use of the technology communications within their states and are growing rapidly to be more proficient. The National Regions

locations were reassigned due to the loss of membership. The National Regions are Southeast Region, Southwest Region, Mid-Atlantic West Region, Northeast Region, and Western Region.

Sister Vonderia Yeldell is a member of the National Cabinet, who served as the elected National Grand Associate Matron. With her many talents and skills of knowledge, the National OES is pleased to recognized Sister Yeldell, the National OES Technology Trainer and Webmaster.

When a candidate in waiting is giving the opportunity to take their oath to travel the journey of an Easter Star Member, just remember the colors of the shining star will inspire a life experience of rewards that will provide for you an everlasting memory to Love One Another.

Respectfully Submitted, a brief synopsis of the National OES History for your reading.

Sister Evelyn Colter-Sims, National Grand Worthy Matron

July 16th, 2023

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